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1.    Development of a practical MV handbook for Cambodian Rural electricity players


                         With financial support from ETC/TTP Foundation, Netherlands, This project aimed to develop a handbook on MV construction which is unique in Cambodia at the present time, which would be used to support mainly Cambodian REEs who are going to build their MV network as requested in their licenses. CCDE was involved in co-developing the MV handbook adapting to Cambodian context, providing training on MV construction and supervising the MV construction networks.

2.    Decentralized Energy Management Tools for Cambodia and Lao PDR


                        This project was financially supported by The European Commission. CCDE was in charge of preparing a planning, implementation and monitoring of the project activities in Cambodia in close collaboration with MIME staff; being in charge of data collection from field survey as well as concerning ministries; Organizing ToT and pilot training at national and provincial levels on Software utilization; Coordinating, managing and disseminating the results through workshops organization and Preparing progress report and assisting in preparing final reports at the end of project.

3.  Development of Vocational Training Program for Cambodia and Lao PDR


                      The European Commission has supported the vocational training program through ETC based in Netherlands and IED. The training program was made for Cambodian and Laos Rural Energy Enterprises who have been doing their business in the sector to help them to improve their business to be more profitable and sustainable.