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    MEET-Bis project             2014-2017

                    With financial support from EU, The project objective is to promote economic prosperity and poverty reduction in Cambodia with reduced adverse environmental impact of energy production and consumption by SMEs in selected sectors, in line with international environmental agreements.

                CCDE specializing in the sector in Cambodia is selected by the local project sub-contractor to provide a core technical staff to implement the project activities under supervision of the main beneficially – ETC foundation, Netherlands.  

 Green Hotel Project      2008- 2009.

                       With financial support from ADEME and in collaboration with IED's Expert, CCDE implemented the project to encourage the Hotel industries in Cambodia to do self energy audit within their Hotels in order to improve energy consumption, and the group has extensive experience in the built environment in general and in the SME sector.

              Apparently, CCDE provided technical support to assist the Hotel technicians and Engineers in 4 volunteered Hotels - Amanjaya, Holiday, Gold Lion and CARA Hotels; to conduct the energy audits by themselves under supervision of CCDE's staff.

For Exemple:

AMANDJAYA HOTEL- How low cost measures reduce energy cost


The AMANJAYA hotel is located in Phnom Penh city. The customers are tourists and businessmen.

Currently, this hotel consists of 21 suites with different standings (Junior, Suite and Panoramic), a restaurant, lounges, meeting rooms, and others facilities.

 An energy 1 audit executed in September 2008 showed that the energy consumed by the hotel was above 45 000 kWh/month, costing 6 300 US $/month 2.

 The hotel introduced the measures recommended in the audit and after one year, the monthly energy consumption was reduced to 13 200 kWh/month and the energy cost decreased to 3 000 US$/month.

The low cost measures were:

ü  Installation of electric meters on gensets and EDC supplies to optimize daily energy supply.

ü  Replacement of all the 513 incandescent lamps (60W) by Efficient Compact Fluorescent lamps

ü  (11W) (appliances in accordance with the European Energy Label and standard).

ü  Proper maintenance of Air-conditioning systems (every month) and installation of UV and Infrared

ü  filters to reduce solar thermal loads in the rooms.

ü  Re-design of the gas network at the kitchen.


1 The energy audit was realized both by the hotel engineer, supported by IED/CDEC Team based in Cambodia within the GREEN HOTEL program, and consultant services provided by Exchange Service that acts as consultant to the AMAMDJAYA Hotel

 2 Raw data for the calculation: energy consumption for an occupancy rate of 65% and a diesel price of 0.75US$. The overall investment was about 6 500 US$ and the payback time was less than 3 months : from now on AMANJAYA saves 3 000 US$ per month, about 50% of its original bill.