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1.1     General presentation

Cambodia Consulting, Development Engineering Ltd (CCDE) is a Cambodian consulting firm, with business registration at the Ministry of Commerce in accordance with Cambodian Investment Law. As a subsidiary of IED Group, CCDE is operating national wide in Cambodia and within the ASEAN area. Since its creation, CCDE becomes a reference firm in the fields of Energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy and rural electrification project development in Cambodia


Besides this, CCDE provides a wide range of services in areas related to rural development, design, implementation and operation of small rural infrastructure equipment (water supply and sanitation and small scale power system), covering:

-   Identification missions,

-   Feasibility studies,

-  Project implementation,

-  Detailed design,

-  Preliminary study and study,

-   Construction Supervision

-  Management and education and training,

-  Training organization.



CCDE consists of 9 permanent staff working at Phnom Penh (8 local senior staff and 1 international staff). Daily operations are managed by a senior professional local staff with experience in the field of rural water supply and rural electrification project development and implementation for more than 10 years. This approach ensures a high level of client service, commitment to technical excellence and cost-effective implementation.


CCDE can work on 3 languages – English, French and Khmer, per request of Clients at any times.


1.2     Areas of activities and relevant experience


1.2.1    Technical Training program and capacity building

-     Design the curriculums of MV/LV construction

-        Provide pilot ToT and Training to target people

-       Organize and supervise the whole training program


1.2.2       Rural Electrification Planning

        Using the Geosim software developed by IED Firm and the key planning tool, the following skills can be assured, covering:


-      Multi sectorial data collection and analysis from national and ground levels

-     Classification and prioritization of development poles/resettlements

-     Providing the GIS market segment of target areas

-     Providing technical solution options and budget needed provision


1.2.3          Energy efficiency and conservation


-        Conduct the product combination market research study on both supply and demand sides for      Cambodian SMEs (Hotel, ice factories, garment textile and food processing sector industries)

-        Conduct the energy audit and propose the improvement solutions for such SMEs

-        Develop Low cost and no cost solution approach for the customers on energy conservation

-        Guide the infrastructure installation; and

-        Develop the SME business case study.


2.2.4         Renewable energy project development and operation

-        Solar energy: hybrid PV-diesel power plants, stand-alone individual and community systems,

-        Biomass    energy:    Cogeneration    for    agro-industry,    biogas   and    gasifiers,    sustainable management of wood resources.


1.2.4          Rural Water supply

With strong demand of Cambodian Investors for water supply business investment, the personnel  of CCDE has been requested to do the following services:

-  Feasibility studies

-  Detailed design,

-  Prepare Business plan

-  Assist to select the contractor through competition bidding process

-  Supervise the water supply infrastructure construction

-  Commission the whole system, including the training on the system operation