energie renouvelable monde2CCDE is specializing in conducting a few feasibility studies on Renewable Energy Sources

  • Mini-hydro,
  • PV/Diesel Hybrid and
  • Biomass gasification technology projects.

Mini grid in KAMPONg Thom - 2008:

with financial support from the FONDEM, CCDE was hired to conduct the technical feasibility study of the LV distribution network of a mini-grid in Sambour commune, Prasat Sambour district, Kampong Thom province. Energy is generated from the biomass gasification system of 9 kW, using Cashew wood.

PV/Diesel hybrid ā€“ 2011:

within the framework of SREP project, CCDE participated actively with IED in conducting the feasibility study of this project in Chambak commune, Praek Prasab district, Kratie province. Energy will be generated from partly PV panel injected into the network together with the diesel genset of about 20% of total energy produced. The project is now under the construction process.

Biomass gasification, generating energy from Rice Husk ā€“ 2011:

Similarly, within the framework of SREP project, CCDE participated in conducting the feasibility of the biomass gasification of 150 kW, using rice husk, in Char Chhouk commune, Angkor Chum district, Siem Reap province.

Mini hydro project in Samlot ā€“ 2011:

CCDE together with IED participated in conducting the pre-feasibility study of the mini-hydro project in Samlot commune, Battambang province.


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