energie renouvelable monde2CCDE participated actively to several initiatives for strategic Rural electrification planning in Cambodia in collaboration with IED.

The professional geospatial planning tool GEOSIM, developped by IED and endorsed by ASEAN-ACE, was particulalry used for this purpose and CCDE accompagned the national institutions throu the use of those modern tools including the establishment of the national GIS database.


Using the Geosim software, the following skills can be assured, covering:

  •  Multi sectorial data collection and analysis from national and ground levels
  • Classification and prioritization of development poles/resettlements
  • Providing the GIS market segment of target areas
  • Providing technical solution options and budget needed provision

GEOSIM is a GIS based software designed for quickly creating highly interactive rural electrification planning scenarios. It is now used by a number of organizations, consultant companies and public institutions in Asia and Africa. CCDE is nowadays in charge of commercializing this software in South-East Asia.


In Cambodia, CCDE in collaboration with IED has so far been involved in mplementing the following projects:


Capacity and institutional strengthening for Rural Electrification and Development, Decentralized Energy Options in Kampong Cham province -2006-2008- Ministry of Industry, Mimes and Energy (MIME) wanted to prepare an electrification planning in the country.

Having received financial support from EU, CCDE together with IED supported the ministry to make such a kind of electrification planning in a pilot province(Kampong Cham) where socio-economically is available. An operational electrification planning tool was applied, using Geographical Information System as convening factor. As the result of planning, various options on off- grid and on grid options, renewable or fossil fuel based off grid production projects have been made.

2. SREP – Sustainable Rural Electrification Implementation Plan – 2010/2013

As MIME and IED/CCDE have collaborated on a pilot testing of the approach for Kampong Cham Province via Cap -Redeo project and MIME has found the tool suited to its needs regarding rural electrification planning and selecting priority projects and programs given policy objectives and financial constraints, MIME requested to IED/CCDE, with financial support from the French Government,provide technical support to expand the project across the country, developing SREP project with following outputs (1) to produce Provincial Level sustainable rural electrification investment plans, costing various scenarios and options, (2) to produce pre-feasibility studies for 2 to 5 potential renewable energy projects, and identify investors and potential funding sources and (3) to provide technical training on using Geosim Software for MIME staff.



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